21 Product Hunt Tools for Productive Entrepreneurs

Do you know people who know all the popular tools to use? Are you the last one to hear about them?

Life on the Internet is pretty busy – there’s so much coming and going that you can easily get swarmed by the vast information available.

I love to know about up-and-coming software, apps, services or anything that can help with making my life as and entrepreneur easier.

The site ProductHunt.com lets users share and discover new products and it is driven by popularity through voting (similar style as Reddit).

Monitoring the website, I discovered great products that can improve my day-to-day life.

If you’re on the lookout for the best time savers and trending new tools, then these 21 Product Hunt tools will help.

Each are different in their concept, but united by their overall usefulness, they might make things easier for you in one way or another.

1. Startup Stash

This is one is invaluable to those of you who are looking forward to founding their own startup company. The Startup Stash is a curated directory of amazing resources and tools that can help you build your startup from scratch. From domain names to hosting or market research; to social tools, analytics or finding early beta testers – the “Stash” has it all. Use it!

Find it on Twitter.

2. Coolors

Coolors is any designer’s best (and colorful) friend. Summarized in short, this is a platform that lets you generate your own color scheme, ready to be utilized in any project of yours. You can pick various colors, refine them, save your palette and even export it. Coolors is available as a website or an app (on both Apple Store and Android), and can also be found as an Adobe Add On.

Find it on Twitter.

3. Fit Men Cook

This website is pretty self-explanatory in its purpose, but has been an invaluable part of my routine. Focusing on healthy cooking, dietary advice and exercise tips, Fit Men Cook is an overall great resource and inspiration. You can find a great deal of community recipes, blog posts and videos, and the website also has a very smooth mobile app available.

Find it on Twitter.

4. GetFinal

Back to some more serious products, GetFinal is deemed the “credit card built for the 21st century”. Using it, you are assigned a unique credit card number to every merchant you use…or, if you prefer, a disposable, one-time use number for one-off purchases. Regardless, GetFinal throws old generation credit cards and eases the purchasing process a lot.

Find it on Twitter.

5. HyperLapse

Do you love time-lapse videos? Now you can shoot your own gorgeous ones using HyperLapse. No need for tripods and expensive equipment; all you need is to have Instagram installed. HyperLapse lets you speed up any video to up to 12 times the speed and, of course, gives you the freedom to share your creation on social media. Alternatively, you can save your time-lapse to your Camera Roll.

Find it on Twitter.

6. Growth Supply

This product is somehow similar to the Startup Stash, but it’s targeted to all types of business owners. Growth Supply gives you an access to more than 400 completely free tools that you can utilize to expand your business. From marketing to design or productivity, you will surely find something fitting to your current entrepreneurial needs.

Find it on Twitter.

7. Documentary Addict

Chances are, if you’re a cinephile, you will fall in love with this one. Even if you’re more of a casual watcher, Documentary Addict has an astonishing database with hundreds of movies at your disposal. The documentaries are sorted in 26 categories. No matter if you’re into Military and War, History, Psychology, or perhaps you lean more towards Crime, you can get your daily dose of documentary movies here.

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8. Inbox 

If you’re already satisfied by Gmail’s inbox, Google’s got something even better for you. Inbox is an improved…inbox, with several key features that make your email life easier. Messages with similar purpose are bundled together for better navigation, you can set your own inbox reminders, and there are information highlights and media previews. All in all, Inbox offers a completely new approach to your regular, otherwise dull inbox.

Find it on Twitter.

9. Sunrise

When was the last time you encountered problems with trying to schedule an appointment with someone? If that happened not so long ago, Sunrise is what you’ve been looking for. Available on both iOS and Android, this app lets you create your schedule and send an invite to the people you want to meet with. They just need to pick a time that works for them too, and you’re set.

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10. Pexels

Pexels is an invaluable resource full of free stock photos. The website contains more than 2500 absolutely free photos that are hand-picked and of guaranteed quality. Pexels follows the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) License. In other words, you are free to copy, modify and distribute any photo found here. This applies to both personal and commercial usage.

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11. Email Hunter

Searching for a specific email can be quite tedious and frustrating. Email Hunter spares you such waste of time (and energy) by giving you direct access to public email addresses found on the Web. The product prides itself in a database of over 150.000.000 emails. You can export your gathered email list or directly download it as a CSV.

Find it on Twitter.

12. MakerBook

This one is a great collection of resources for creatives and freelancers. MakerBook features a huge amount of free resources, including Photography, Mockups, Graphics and Colors. Additionally, you can find a lot of tools related to Video, Audio and even get an access to beautiful free fonts. An all around great “stash”, especially for graphic designers.

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13. Submit.co

Once again a product leaning towards startup founders, Submit.co is an enormous database with websites and blogs you can reach out to if you you’re seeking press coverage. The website is structured neatly and each entry contains the website’s URL, any submission form (if available), social media details (Twitter follower count), and Alexa ranking. With all the vital information already there, all you need to do is pitch to these websites and get your startup featured.

Find it on Twitter.

14. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is a remote jobs list that gets updated daily, pulling data from various platforms. Job openings are sorted by different categories so you can navigate easily through the day’s career opportunities. In addition, positions are labeled according to their workload – Full Time, Part-Time, Contracting or Internships. If you want, you can also subscribe to RemoteOK’s newsletter to receive opening straight in your inbox.

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15. Fifty Three

What if you could create and draw your own whiteboard via an easy to use mobile app? Then you would get FiftyThree. This neat service lets you create any whiteboard content – from venn diagrams to flow charts or organizational charts. You can easily do a writeup and a drawup of your concept and present it to others. To top it off, any whiteboard can be exported to PowerPoint, KeyNote or a PDF document.

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16. Autopsy

A seemingly vicious name, Autopsy explores the other spectrum of the startup world: the one related to failure. Dubbed “Lessons from Failed Startups”, the website contains dozens of case studies on why various startups crashed along the way. Every case comes with the core concept of the startup mentioned, elaboration on why exactly did the owners fail, and ends with a link to the full story (usually a company blog post announcing the end of the business).

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17. Density

I don’t know about you, but I’m not too fond of crowded places. Density resonates exceptionally well with me as a product, because it measures the foot traffic to (or from) your favorite local merchants, cafes or restaurants. You can check whether it’s too crowded for you to venture on the streets, and pick the right time to swing by your favorite place. A simple, yet efficient tool.

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18. Flatbook

Flatbook grabbed me with its genuine concept: it eases the life of people who rent an apartment, but will be away for some reason. The service spares them the need to pay rent while being absent, as well as eliminating the hassle of dealing with subletters. You can trust Flatbook to take care of your place, including a $10.000 damage protection if you feel shaky about your decision. A very interesting approach to guaranteeing you happy and carefree holidays.

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19. Remotive

Remotive has some similarities with RemoteOK, as it also contains a well-kept database with remote job openings. However, the platform goes out on a weekly basis and includes frequent tips on productivity. In fact, “Remotive” comes from combining “Remote” and “Productive”, the owner clarifies. You can subscribe to the website’s newsletter to get your weekly fix of productivity and remote job opportunities.

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20. WriteFull

Do you need to keep exhausting written correspondence throughout a regular day of yours? WriteFull is a very slick app that provides feedback on your writing. It functions by checking your text samples against databases of grammatically (and logically) correct language to ensure whatever you’ve written makes perfect sense. WriteFull is extremely flexible and you can used it with anything from Microsoft Word to Gmail.

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21. Ship Your Enemies Glitter

Okay, this isn’t going to increase your productivity, but it may reduce your stress by having a good laugh. You might have heard of this hilarious website some time ago – it made the headlines everywhere over the web. The name describes the service clear enough: you can prank anyone you want by sending them an envelope full of glitter. You have the option to accompany the package of glitter with a personal note to the recipient, which makes everything twice as funny.

Find it on Twitter.

These are my top picks when it comes to products found through Product Hunt. As you can see, they are cater to various audiences and differ in their purpose, yet are united by their efficiency.

Do you have your own favorite Product Hunt product you want to share with me and the other readers?

Let us all know in the comments below!

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